Zionsville Bootcamp Client Spotlight Latasha Miller (Part 2)

In the previous post “Zionsville Bootcamp Client Spotlight Latasha Miller (Part 1)”, I introduced you to our Amazing Zionsville Bootcamp client Latasha Miller!!

In part 2 of this video (seen below), you can view the complete interview where we go into detail about Latasha’s Transformation Story.

Click the video below to get the inside scoop on Latasha’s Transformation Story and Learn How She Lost It!

This is part 2 of our client spotlight featuring another one of our Amazing Bootcamp Clients Latasha Miller. Tasha has lost 32.4lbs, 10.4% body fat, and over 17 inches off her body. Tasha is feeling wonderful, looking great, and we are so incredibly proud of her achievements.

In this video Tasha goes into detail on her transformation story and shares what truly motivated her to make this transformation happen.
Be sure not to miss part 1 of Tasha’s Client Spotlight…
Zionsville Bootcamp Latasha Miller Before & After

To learn more about the program Latasha used to take her results to the next level visit: indymaximpact.com

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